Community Projects

Some examples of recent community projects we have created and realised. Please contact us if you have an idea you would like us to help you with.



Commissioned for ‘Illuminate Festival of Light  2018’ - Plymouth 
A ship of Hope and Light - children and families imprint a tile each - stitched together by members if the community to create this beautiful ship. 


Message in a  Bottle

Handmade Porcelain bottles with ‘fired’ in messages to special people, messages written on paper, placed in the wet clay, formed into a bottle and dried then fired in forever - no one can see them ever again - burnt into the clay and burnt into the air - a wish, a prayer, a memory, a letter- what would you say and to whom? 

Nazareth House

A special commission for the residents of Nazareth House, Stonehouse Plymouth - playing with clay in the afternoons, drinking tea and talking about memories - all the while they watch and guide artist Caroline on their own garden lights - based on Smeaton’s Tower - exhibited as part of Illuminate 2019

Community_Nazereth House.jpg

Improving lives Plymouth

A special commission by Illuminate Festival of Light 2019 - Caroline works with careers of Dementia patients, in conjunction with  ‘Improving Lives Plymouth’ - to experience the making of ‘Message in a Bottle’ and ‘lamps of light’  - these were exhibited in Illuminate 2019 and now reside in their sensory garden in their Mannamead HQ

Community_Improving lives in

Caroline Mercer

Art and Project Lead