Art Education

Flying the flag for the Arts and Art Education, we are a team who are all qualified teachers or have experience in education. We specialise in visual arts and education. We read, we explore and we live Art Education. Outside The Box is the perfect place to build and develop a solid understanding and practice. We’re dedicated to teaching the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary for successful futures, both personally and professionally. Take a look through our site to learn more.


Examples of what we do...


School Projects

We can help to plan and implement:

  •  Art Weeks

  •  Theme or enquiry based projects 

  • Artworks for schools/ installations

  • Clay days/ projects 

  • Drawing/ sketchbook development days 

  • Digital drawing development 

  • CPD for staff

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Student Support

Initial Teacher Education - as lecturer of Primary Education (Art and Design) I teach and support students in art education - the importance of the Arts and Creativity in the curriculum is what drives much of my and our work, as a team - working with students entering into the profession is an absolute honour and privilege - projects are ongoing and evolving, reflecting the here and now of a changing landscape of learning. We are passionate about ongoing support for new teachers as they enter and journey through their NQT year and beyond ...We are in the process of creating a HUB for connecting NQTs and experienced teachers with latest thinking, practice and eachother. Watch this space ...

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Creature Make

Summer 2018 - in partnership with RIO and Ocean Studios at The Royal William Yard, Plymouth - We worked with a large cohort of children from across Plymouth schools; making and creating creatures from the future -thinking about what they might do to help our planet. Making together and discussing our ‘whys’ made a huge impact on our lens for learning. What would your future creature do/make? This was a unique and special project which demonstrated how art making can be enjoyed and what is possible on a large scale with some thought and determination....

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'Connecting' with clay - Teacher CPD

Before the first Lockdown - OTB was working in partnership with RIO and The University of Plymouth providing a year long, ceramics project aimed for schools, art co-coordinators, teachers and our BEd students. This project included practical making sessions and social evenings to exchange ideas and plan, teaching videos and bags of clay to take back into school....  teachers/ students then work together to work the project with their own pupils, culminating in a regional schools' exhibition at Ocean Studios.

Schools still signed up and despite the challenges we were able to run the project, just differently and through video.  We now have over 100 porcelain cylinders ready to share with the public, at the slightly later date of January 2021. A wonderful testament to teacher determination to meet pupil need through creativity in such uncertain times.  

We can offer bespoke professional development packages in Art and Design and Design Technology for staff groups, schools or across MATS - what we do is demystify art as a subject you need to be ‘good at’ in order to teach it well, reintroduce the joy of drawing and making with fresh eyes, increase knowledge and skills and advise on curriculum building and mapping -  Importantly, we look at how art making and the art curriculum encourages and develops good health both physically and mentally, grows inclusive and kind minds and hearts and models healthy relationships and community.

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Creative Socials

We organise and host social evenings where we enjoy different making and drawing skills, share knowledge and practice and make friends - making and connecting over a glass of something and a plate of 'nibbles'- we treat it as a treat and time to ourselves in a busy week - go home with something to think about but, there’s no pressure to action anything- just enjoy - donations towards workshops for families who would benefit from and might not be able to access art courses. These are for anyone interested in art making and passing on the learning to others need to be a qualified teacher or accomplished artist.



OTB with RIO and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

We are about to embark on our second year of enquiry into digital art and the potential impact on children's writing. This is a fabulous opportunity to work with some amazing practitioners, share excellent practice, develop our own and be in schools making something new to inform future practice.