About Outside The Box

Outside The Box is an organisation which brings creativity and art making opportunities beyond  'normal' learning frameworks. It was born from a need to create art and reach beyond 'boxes' which are the classroom, the school building, a timetable, schemes of work and worksheets - To experience quality art learning and art making in alternative spaces and places - for art to be accessible to everyone, no matter age or experience. To see beyond the belief that you need to be good at (or knowledgeable of) art to engage and benefit from that.

So, I dusted off an old suitcase (which has it's own story) filled it with art materials and tools to set about taking art to children and other groups beyond the boundaries of those boxes. I wanted to spread and share the magic in many different ways and settings. I consistently see the joy and pride creating brings and four years later pupils, artists, teachers and parents have joined in and become friends and fellow makers. Together we spread the art, we love to work together and bring people together. 'Outside the Box' is more than just one person making art from a suitcase -  it's an 'us' and we make our own boxes; each one has it's own story, oozing with inspiration and everyone is welcome.

There are many benefits for learners as they engage in creative thinking and making processes, it is good for you; it can be quiet, mindful or loud and chaotic. We work naturally with the nine attitudes of mindfulness, one of which being 'beginners' mind' - seeing the world with new eyes, asking questions with awe and intentionally focusing attention on not only how things look but, how things work, how things are made and what's possible. We do this as we work, we learn more about who we are and the world around us. Art is good for you.


'Outside The Box' Creator

Caroline Mercer


'Creativity is contagious. Pass it on' Albert Einstein


"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau



12 Ember Road, Salcombe, Devon. TQ8 8FP

07967 181618

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